PTC-CARE Preventional Maintenance Service


PTC VIETNAM is proud to provide customers with PTC-CARE warranty service. We are honored to serve and believe that it is extremely important to meet the highest expectations of our Customers. We have a qualified and dedicated service team that takes care of our customers every day.

This philosophy embodies Who We Are and what we can offer our Customers. Our Code of Conduct reflects our belief that: Customers are the reason we exist, and we must make sure we deliver on our commitments to Customer success.

With PTC-CARE we strive to meet the highest standards both in our actions and in our attitude towards our Customers. PTC-CARE is our foundation, culture and commitment to serve customers.


Keeping machinery in good working order is very important to bring high performance to customers. A preventive maintenance program helps to prevent or correct problems quickly thereby eliminating the risk of unexpected failures. That’s why the PTC-CARE customer care team offers its customers a preventive maintenance program.

With that spirit, PTC VIETNAM will take care of products manufactured by PTC VIETNAM every 3 months during the warranty period and take care of every 1 year outside the warranty period.

In addition, PTC-CARE always provides a service package of Periodic Preventive Inspection according to the needs of customers:

Once every 1 month.
Once every 3 months.
Once every 6 months.

After each periodic inspection, PTC-CARE sends the Customer a comprehensive and professional assessment of the customer’s machine condition. Include:

Performance Check Table
Describe, explain, comprehensively the detected errors and propose solutions.
Propose preventive options including: Replace important accessories, perform preventive maintenance, standardize operating procedures.