Spare Part

Why is it necessary to replace Bagging Weigher spare parts?

After a long period of operation, wear and tear or damage to the parts on the bagging scale is inevitable. That is not to mention due to improper use of the operator or the case of improper maintenance of the machinery as prescribed, the faster these bagging machines deteriorate and need to be replaced frequently.

Repair and replacement of spare parts and equipment Periodic bagging is one of the necessary needs to ensure the best operation of the bagging machine. This not only helps to avoid work delays, but it also saves money when you don’t let your Bagging Scales deteriorate too severely and be completely irreparable

PTC Vietnam’s bagging machine spare parts are designed to meet the high performance requirements of the customer’s production. Using genuine spare parts, the bagging scale will be guaranteed to operate at optimal and uniform performance levels, reducing the risk of costly failures or unintended accidents and risks.

Classification of components and spare parts Packing scales

Spare Parts The Controller is the necessary part for the installation of the Bagging Scale. These components control the weighing system to ensure smooth operation and product uniformity.

However, like any other mechanical vehicle, the bagging scale also has parts and accessories that are easily damaged. We can categorize the spare parts groups of Bagging Weighers into categories such as:

  • Main control cabinet
  • Weighing feeder
  • Weighing scale W55
  • Hopper
  • Bag clamp set

In there:

Main control cabinet: 920i controller (Including: I/O card, AD card, 50-pin cable, bagging program), Main control board for 920i controller using LED screen, Control screen LED bulb driver for 920i controller, Power board for 920i controller, A/D card for 920i controller, I/O card for 920i controller, Keyboard for 920i terminal, 50-pin cable for head 920i scale, Power supply battery for 920i controller, 25A power switch, Single belt weighing cabinet power supply, Double belt weighing cabinet power supply, Relay control board, Relay input, Relay output, Security relay set Safety, Emergency stop button, Red light for fault, Red light for error, …

Weighing feeder B: Low level sensor, Low level sensor-IFM (Including: Sensor, 10m wire, plastic wrap and sensor holder), Bag weight feeding belt, Feed motor belt , Feeding Motor, Feed Conveyor Free Roller, Feeding Shaft, Bearing for Feeding Shaft, Feeding/Shutter Cylinder Kit (Including cylinder, throttle valve, cylinder end, cylinder head , Cylinder mounted sensor), Feeder/Discharge Cylinder, Feed/Discharge Cylinder Tail, Feed/Shutter Cylinder Head (Including cylinder head, latch, plastic silver, latch), Valves Throttle 1/8 8mm air tube, Sensor mounted on shut-off cylinder, Complete set of 1-thread type solenoid valve (Including solenoid+ coil+ muffler+ air hose connection), Weight tank vibrator, Complete set of active roller shafts (Including drive shaft + bearings + bearing housings on both sides of the shaft), Complete set of passive rollers (Including passive shafts + bearings + bearing housings on both sides of the shaft), Plastic brushes for conveyor, Plastic brush for feeder, …..

W55 real weight scale: Gravity sensor (Loadcell 100kg), Complete set of door cylinders for weighing tank (Including cylinder, throttle valve, cylinder tail, cylinder head, latch, latch), Cylinder Weighing tank discharge door cylinder, Exhaust ball bearing, Gas pressure regulator, Round type weighing tank discharge door closing sensor (Including sensor and sensor holder), Sensor for closing the weighing tank discharge door, Sensor wire Closed alarm for weighing tank, Styrofoam for wing of weighing tank, Manometer, 8mm steam pipe, Throttle valve 1/4 – 8mm tube air (Flow control valve 1/4- 8mm tube air), Silencer, Co-connector L thread 13 8mm tube, T-shaped tube 8mm, …….

Communal hopper: Complete set of hammer cylinders (Including: Cylinder, cylinder head, cylinder tail and throttle), Hammer hammer cylinder,….

S4 Bag Clamp: Complete Conveyor Bag Clamp Cylinder (Including cylinder, throttle valve, cylinder tail, cylinder head, cylinder mounting sensor), Complete bag clamping belt set (Included) Rubber, catcher, spring), Rubber bag clamp for conveyor belt, Emergency bag clamp release button box (Including box and push button), Bag clamp switch, …..

In addition, there are a number of spare parts for automatic bagging machines, palletizing robots. For more details of spare parts, please refer to the detailed product information below or contact directly via Hotline: 0983 011 880 to receive complete and accurate advice from experts.

Where is the address to sell genuine and reputable weighing systems spare parts?

Currently, on the market, there are many addresses selling components and spare parts. It is extremely important to choose a reputable unit that provides genuine, good quality, high-quality, and suitable packaging spare parts. Besides, the replacement of spare parts for bagging scales is quite complicated. Therefore, choosing the accompanying service and warranty conditions during use when problems arise, is also one of the prerequisites that you need to consider.

PTC Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of bagging scales and spare parts, trusted and selected by many large and small enterprises at home and abroad. Committed to bringing quality products, 100% genuine imported from Rice Lake company according to American standards at extremely competitive prices.

With many years of experience in the field of bagging machines, PTC Vietnam owns a skilled technical team, always ready to be available on time and a large number of quality spare parts in stock, suitable for the diverse needs of many types. Packing machine. Reputation is always the top priority, we are very pleased to serve our customers.

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